Month: March 2021

Sabarmati Ashram: Where simplicity is the mantra

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You may not get the visual feast of a hill station, fun and frolics of a beach, delightful thrills of an adventure or serene experience of a temple visit, yet this place merits a compulsive visit despite not having any of these elements. The very basis why you shouldn’t afford to miss Sabarmati Ashram is …

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Revisiting Bhima Bhoi and Mahima Dharma in Khaliapali

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Adding further charm to Sonepur is the river Mahanadi which flows by the town. This post is however not about anything that I have described above. Today, I will take you to a small village about 30 kilometers from Sonepur. A place that was quite unknown to people even in Odisha only a few years back. But now it is famous and has become a tourist hotspot.