Top Places to Visit and Things to Do in Nainital: A Vacation Guide

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Nainital is a beautiful hill station in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is situated at an altitude of 2,084 meters (6,837 feet) above sea level in the Kumaon region of the Himalayas. Nainital is set in a valley containing a pear-shaped lake, which is one of its major attractions. The name Nainital is derived from the Hindi words “nain” meaning “eye” and “tal” meaning “lake”.

The town also has a colonial history, as it was a popular summer retreat for the British during the Raj. Many old buildings from that era still remain, including St. John in the Wilderness Church and Governor’s House.Nainital is also known for its adventure sports opportunities, such as trekking, rock climbing, and paragliding. There are many scenic hiking trails in and around the town.

In fact Nainital has something for everyone – from breathtaking natural beauty and majestic mountains to serene lakes and bustling markets. It is a popular tourist destination and receives visitors from all over the world throughout the year. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top places to visit and the best things to do in Nainital, ensuring a blissful vacation for all.

Places to visit in Nainital
Boating in Nainina lake, PC: Kalpana Mishra

Boating in the Naini Lake

One of the most iconic and must-visit attractions in Nainital is the enchanting Naini Lake. Surrounded by lush green mountains, this lake offers a serene and picturesque setting for boating enthusiasts. Boating in the Naini Lake is a popular activity that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the surroundings. You can choose between pedal and row boats to leisurely explore the tranquil waters of the lake.

While boating, don’t forget to capture the breathtaking views of the seven lush green mountains that embrace the Naini Lake. The reflections of the mountains and the clear blue sky in the pristine waters of the lake create a mesmerizing sight. Boating in the Naini Lake is truly an experience that should not be missed during your visit to Nainital.

Places to visit in Nainital
View from Tiffin Top, PC: Tanbatra, Wikimedia Commons

Trekking to Tiffin Top

For adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers, a trek to Tiffin Top is an absolute must-do activity in Nainital. Situated at an altitude of approximately 2290 meters, Tiffin Top offers panoramic views of the majestic Himalayan peaks and the Nainital town. The trek to Tiffin Top takes you through dense forests of Deodar, Rhododendron, and Cypress, adding to the allure of the journey.

As you reach the summit of Tiffin Top, the fatigue of the trek is instantly forgotten when you witness the awe-inspiring view that unfolds before your eyes. The snow-capped Himalayan range in the distance and the sweeping vistas of the surrounding valleys and hills create a truly magical experience. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a beginner, the trek to Tiffin Top is an adventure that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Places to visit in Nainital
Naini Lake from Naina Peak, PC: Enjoymusic nainital, Wikipedia

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Exploring Naina Peak

For those seeking panoramic views and a sense of accomplishment, a trek to Naina Peak, also known as China Peak, is highly recommended. Standing tall as the highest point in Nainital, Naina Peak offers breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountains and the Nainital town. The trek to Naina Peak takes you through dense forests, where you can immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the region.

Once you reach the summit, you will be rewarded with a stunning view of the snow-capped Himalayan range and the glistening Naini Lake. The serene atmosphere and the sense of tranquility at the top make it a perfect spot for meditation and introspection. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or a nature lover, a trek to Naina Peak is an experience that should not be missed.

Places to visit in Nainital
Horse Riding in Nainital, PC:

Horse Riding in Nainital

For a fun-filled and unique experience in Nainital, embark on a horse riding adventure. Horse riding is a popular activity in Nainital, offering visitors a chance to explore the scenic beauty of the region in a unique way. From the Mall Road to Tiffin Top and Naina Peak, there are several places where you can enjoy horse riding.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, horse riding in Nainital is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. You can choose to hire a pony and go for a ride, or if you’re confident, you can ride the pony yourself. As you trot along the picturesque trails, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Nainital from a different perspective.

Places to visit in Nainital
St. John Wilderness Church, PC:

Visiting St. John Wilderness Church

For history buffs and those seeking spiritual solace, a visit to St. John Wilderness Church is a must. Located in the serene Sherwani area of Nainital, this colonial-era church is a magnificent architectural marvel. The church boasts stunning stained glass windows, intricate woodwork, and a serene ambiance that creates a sense of tranquility and peace.

Exploring the rich heritage and the serene surroundings of the church is a delightful experience. You can also take a tour of the cemetery surrounding the church, paying homage to those who lost their lives in a devastating landslide. While photography is not allowed inside the church, you can capture the beauty of the surroundings and the peaceful atmosphere that envelops the area.

Places to visit in Nainital
Nainital Ropeway, PC: pxfuel

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Experiencing the Ropeway Ride

For a thrilling and panoramic experience in Nainital, take a ride on the ropeway. The ropeway ride takes you from Mallital to Snow View Point, offering breathtaking views of the Naini Lake and the snow-capped Himalayan mountain range. As you ascend in the cable car, the beauty of Nainital unfolds beneath you, creating a sense of awe and wonder.

Once you reach Snow View Point, you can enjoy the stunning vistas, indulge in various activities like go-karting, and soak in the natural beauty that surrounds you. The ropeway ride is a popular activity for tourists visiting Nainital, providing a unique perspective of the town and its breathtaking landscapes.

Places to visit in Nainital
Tibetan Market in Nainital, PC: Sudeep K Guru

Shopping at Tibetan Market

When it comes to shopping in Nainital, the Tibetan Market is a must-visit destination. Located around the Naini Lake, the Tibetan Market offers a delightful shopping experience filled with vibrant colors and unique handicrafts. From clothes to stylish ornaments, you can find a wide variety of products reflecting Tibetan culture and tradition.

The proximity of the Tibetan Market to the Naina Devi Temple and the Naini Lake makes it a perfect place to explore after your spiritual and boating adventures. After shopping, you can take a break at one of the nearby restaurants, savoring the local delicacies and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere. Shopping at the Tibetan Market is an experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and take home beautiful souvenirs.

Places to visit in Nainital
Hanuman Garhi, PC: Pic lover, Wikimedia Commons

Watching the Sunset at Hanuman Garhi

For a serene and enchanting experience, head to Hanuman Garhi in Nainital to witness the breathtaking sunset. Located on Haldwani Road, Hanuman Garhi offers a mesmerizing view of the surrounding valleys and the town of Nainital. The tranquil atmosphere and the panoramic vistas make it an ideal spot for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The temple at Hanuman Garhi is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is visited by devotees seeking blessings. However, even if you’re not a devotee, the serene surroundings and the peaceful ambiance make it a perfect place to unwind and soak in the beauty of nature. Watching the sunset from Hanuman Garhi is a magical experience that will leave you in awe of the natural wonders of Nainital.

Places to visit in Nainital
Naina Devi Temple, PC: Sudeep K Guru

Seeking Blessings at Naina Devi Temple

No visit to Nainital is complete without seeking blessings at the revered Naina Devi Temple. Located near the Naini Lake, the Naina Devi Temple holds immense religious significance and is believed to be one of the 51 Shaktipeeths in India. According to mythology, this was the spot where the eye of Goddess Sati fell when Lord Shiva carried her burnt body.

The Naina Devi Temple attracts devotees from far and wide who come to offer prayers and seek blessings. The beautiful architecture of the temple and the serene surroundings create a peaceful atmosphere for spiritual contemplation. After visiting the temple, you can explore the nearby Tibetan Market for some shopping, creating a perfect blend of spirituality and cultural experiences.

Places to visit in Nainital
Gurney House, Jim Corbett’s Home in Nainital,, PC: Sabyasachi Paldas, Wikimedia Commons

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Remembering Corbett at Gurney House

Nainital is synonymous with Jim Corbett and it was his summer home. Situated on the  slopes of Aryapatta, very close to Naini Lake, Gurney House used to be where Jim Corbett, the famous hunter and writer, lived. This charming house still looks like it did in Corbett’s time and has his things in it. Gurney House brings Corbett’s stories to life and lets you feel what it was like in the past.

When you visit Gurney House, it’s like going back in time. Even though it’s someone’s home now, they’re happy to show Corbett enthusiasts around if you make an appointment. When Jim Corbett and his sister Margaret moved on from this house in 1947, it changed hands to Mr. Sharda Prasad Varma and is currently owned by his granddaughter, Nilanjana Dalmia. 

The name “Gurney” signifies a house constructed from salvaged parts of a dismantled structure. The Gurney House, too, rose from the remnants of a house on Alma Hill that was tragically destroyed in a landslide, hence its distinctive name.

Places to visit in Nainital
Raj Bhawan of Nainital, PC: Prachin01, Wikimedia Commons

Uncovering Colonial History at Raj Bhawan

The Governor’s House in Nainital is a Victorian Gothic building that closely resembles the grandeur of Scotland’s castles. This delightful structure boasts two stories and features 113 rooms, a lush garden, a refreshing swimming pool, and, of course, a golf course. It stands as the second Raj Bhawan in Uttarakhand and was constructed in 1899 by designer F.W. Steven. Originally intended as a summer getaway for the Governor of the North East Province, it has now become the official residence of the Governor of Uttarakhand.

You can take a guided tour of the Raj Bhawan to uncover its rich history. With its 113 rooms, exploring this magnificent edifice is a true delight. Though not all areas are open to the public, as the Governor still resides here, the ones that are accessible provide a glimpse into the architectural brilliance. 

Fun fact: Some scenes of the Bollywood film “Koi Mil Gaya” were filmed right here at the Governor’s House.

Places to visit in Nainital
Eco Cave Garden, PC: Nainital Tourism

Experience caving at Eco Cave Garden

The Eco Cave Garden in Nainital is a collection of interconnected caves and hanging gardens that transport visitors into a world of ancient dreams. With six distinctive caves and a delightful musical fountain, the Eco Cave Garden has captured the hearts of travelers of all ages, especially children. It’s a place where youngsters can learn about eco-friendly living while having a blast exploring.

Situated in Mallital on Kaladungi Road, the Cave Gardens is a natural park just a kilometer away from the famous Mall Road. Inside, you’ll find a series of small caves, each named after an animal they resemble. So, as you venture through, you’ll encounter the tiger cave, panther cave, bat cave, squirrel cave, ape cave, and even the flying fox cave. Illuminated tunnels guide your way, and with each step, the passages gradually become narrow. Surprisingly, despite the narrow entrances, the interiors open up to reveal surprisingly spacious chambers. The difficulty level increases with each cave, making the exploration all the more exciting and adventurous.

The Eco Cave Garden is not just a destination; it’s an experience that combines learning and fun in the heart of nature. It’s a wonderful way for both kids and adults to connect with the environment while enjoying the thrill of discovering these unique caves. So, whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply looking for a delightful family adventure, the Eco Cave Garden in Nainital is definitely a must-visit spot on your travel list.

Places to visit in Nainital
Kainchi Dham, PC: Sudeep K Guru

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Getting Spiritually Charged at Kainchi Dham

Kainchi Dham, located some 20 kms from Nainital attracts visitors from all over the world. Nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Kumaon Himalayas, this spiritually significant place offers a peaceful retreat away from city life. The main attraction of Kainchi Dham is the famous Hanuman temple, which holds immense religious significance.

It is believed that this temple was established by Neem Karoli Baba, a revered saint who had a deep connection with Lord Hanuman. Devotees flock to this temple to seek blessings and experience spiritual solace. Apart from its religious importance, Kainchi Dham offers stunning natural beauty. Surrounded by lush green forests and majestic mountains, it provides an ideal setting for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

The place became famous after Apple founder Steve Jobs and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg paid visits to Kainchi Dham. Moreover, Kainchi Dham serves as a gateway to other popular tourist destinations in Uttarakhand such as Bhimtal, and Ranikhet.

Places to visit in Nainital
Golu Devta Temple f Ghorakhal, PC: Ritesh Sagar, Wikipedia

Visiting The God of Justice Golu Devta temple at Ghorakhal

While exploring Nainital you come across this temple which is quite special for tourists. Golu Devta temple of Ghorakhal is located in the Kumaon  hills of Uttarakhand at a distance of about 20 kms from Nainital and has spiritual and historical importance.

What is interesting about this temple is that you can file petitions before Lord Golu with prayer for its solution. You just need to tie a bell with the written petition anywhere in the temple complex. So, when you enter the temple premises you can see thousands of bells in every shape and size hang from the columns, the roof, the railings of the stairs and every possible part of the temple. 

The temple is dedicated to Golu Devta, who is known as the God of Justice. People believe that he helps with solving problems and making things fair. 

Whether you’re someone who likes to explore spirituality or if you’re just curious about new cultures, visiting the God of Justice Golu Devta Mandir will be a special experience that shows you a different side of the world.

Places to visit in Nainital
Mall Road, PC: Abhimanyu7793, Wikimedia Commons

Taking an Evening Stroll along Mall Road

Among its many attractions, Mall Road stands out as a must-visit tourist attraction in Nainital. Situated at the heart of Nainital, Mall Road offers a delightful experience to visitors. This bustling street is lined with numerous shops, restaurants, and cafes, offering a wide range of local handicrafts, clothes, and delicious delicacies.You shouldn’t miss out on an evening stroll along the Mall Road.

 As you stroll along the road, you can’t help but be captivated by the vibrant atmosphere and stunning views of the surrounding hills. Mall Road also provides an excellent opportunity to explore Nainital’s colonial heritage. The road is dotted with British-era buildings that exude an old-world charm. 

Don’t miss out on visiting iconic landmarks like the Naina Devi Temple or taking a boat ride in the picturesque Naini Lake nearby. A good thing about Mall Road is that the administration doesn’t allow any kind of vehicular movement in the area after 5 PM. This makes exploring the Mall Road more enjoyable.

Places to visit in Nainital
Thandi sadak, PC: Bugyal Valley

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Taking leisurely Walk at Thandi Sadak

Thandi Sadak is another attraction in Nainital which is very popular with visitors. Translating to “cool road” in English, this enchanting pathway lives up to its name. Located amidst lush greenery, As the name suggests Thandi Sadak offers respite from the scorching summer heat. As visitors stroll along this tranquil road, they are greeted by refreshing breezes and mesmerizing views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

The road is lined with tall deodar trees that provide shade and add to the coolness of the place. Thandi Sadak also boasts several viewpoints that allow tourists to soak in panoramic vistas of Nainital’s pristine lakes and charming hillside settlements. The gentle slopes make it an ideal spot for leisurely walks or cycling adventures. Along the way, one can find small stalls selling local snacks and handicrafts, adding a touch of vibrancy to the experience.

Places to visit in Nainital
Safari in Jim Corbett National park, PC: Sudeep K Guru

Exploring Jim Corbett National Park

For wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers, a visit to Jim Corbett National Park is a must-do activity when in Nainital. Situated in the Nainital district, Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The park offers a unique opportunity to witness the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers in their natural habitat.

Embarking on a safari at Jim Corbett National Park allows you to explore the rich biodiversity of the region, spot various species of birds, and immerse yourself in the wilderness. The park also offers options for overnight stays, allowing you to experience the enchanting sounds of the jungle and get closer to nature. A visit to Jim Corbett National Park is a thrilling adventure that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Accommodation in Nainital

 There are a number of accommodation options available in Nainital, ranging from budget hotels to luxury resorts. The most popular area for accommodation in Nainital is around Mall Road, which is the main shopping and commercial street in the town. This area is home to a number of hotels, guest houses, and restaurants.

 The majority of accommodation options in this area are mid-range hotels that offer comfortable rooms with all the necessary amenities. If you are looking for a more luxurious experience, there are also a number of high-end hotels and resorts located around Mall Road.

Another popular option for accommodation in Nainital is near one of the town’s many lakes. Many hotels and guest houses offer lake-facing rooms that offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Lakeside accommodations are generally more expensive than those located elsewhere in town but they are worth it for the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful setting.

Whatever your budget or preferences, you will be able to find suitable accommodation in Nainital that will make your stay an enjoyable one.

Places to visit in Nainital
Bhowali Tea Garden, PC: Sudeep K Guru

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Nainital truly is an enchanting hill station, one that will mesmerize you with its snow-capped peaks and glistening lakes. The places we have listed in this travel blog post are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to discovering all the wonders Nainital has to offer. From trekking through forests to boating on lake waters, there are plenty of activities you can enjoy while exploring this stunning tourist destination. So if you’re looking for a memorable holiday experience, consider making your way up north – because life is too short not to take a visit to Nainital!


What are some must-visit places in Nainital?

Nainital is a treasure trove of beautiful spots! Don’t miss Naini Lake for boating, Naina Devi Temple for spiritual vibes, and Snow View Point for stunning panoramic views. The Nainital Zoo is also a hit among families

Are there any adventurous activities to try in Nainital?

Absolutely! You can try paragliding at Naukuchiatal, go trekking to Tiffin Top, or even take a thrilling cable car ride to Snow View Point. Don’t forget to explore the enchanting caves at Cave Garden for a unique adventure.

What’s the best time to visit Nainital for pleasant weather?

The months from March to June offer the most pleasant weather in Nainital. The spring and summer seasons are perfect for outdoor activities, boating on the lake, and enjoying the local markets.

Are there any cultural attractions in Nainital?

 Yes. The G.B. Pant High Altitude Zoo is not only home to exotic animals but also showcases the local biodiversity. You can also visit the Governor’s House, which reflects the colonial architecture and history of the region.

Where can I shop for souvenirs and local crafts in Nainital?

Nainital has a vibrant market scene! The Tibetan Market is a great spot for handicrafts and woolen clothes. You’ll also find unique local products like candles and aromatic oils at Mall Road. Don’t hesitate to bargain and enjoy the shopping experience!

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